Beware of fraudulent use of Intrum’s name and logo

Please note that the URL you clicked on has been redirected to this information page.

Scammers in Norway have sent out text messages with links that appears to belong to Intrum (e.g, etc.). See examples of the text messages on

These links (domains) have been registered by others than Intrum in a procedure that is called ‘cybersquatting’. 

The fraud attempts in Norway were reported to the police, the telecom providers, and other authorities. Intrum also filed a complaint with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, which came out to our advantage (see decision).

To safeguard yourself:

  • Do not click on links in text messages or emails if you are uncertain about the sender.
  • Never disclose your personal information.
  • The safest way to check status of your account is to login to your local Intrum portal, find links here: