Analyst Graduate

Profile description


  • You are about to graduate or you have maximum one year of work experience

  • Your university degree is in finance, statistics, economics, mathematics or similar quantitative discipline

  • You have experience from projects, part-time job or other engagements outside of your studies

  • You speak and write excellent English

Personality and attitudes

  • You have a high ability to analyze and understand complexity and a deep interest to dig down into data, make calculations and draw conclusions. (Analytical)

  • You are a communicative team worker who values building strong relationships and have the talent to explain complex topics in simple terms. (Relationship builder)

  • You strive to make an impact and where others see problems, you see solutions (Dedicated + action oriented)

  • You reflect on who you are, strive to live your personal values and care about ethics (Self-aware + ethical)

  • This is a general profile. The criteria may vary slightly between the countries.