Next Generation Program

Are you one of those people that want to make a difference for other people, for companies and for society at large?

The program

Our trainee program provides a challenging and rewarding experience where you get to spend 12 months in an evolving international business. An experience where your efforts really matter for our clients, end-customers, for Intrum, for society and most importantly – for yourself.

The program is designed in three modules where you’ll work in different departments, diverse teams, build your network and develop your skills and knowledge. Exploring and contribution are key. You’ll have the opportunity to gain experiences and insights both from our daily business and from specific projects. During the second module you will spend two to three months abroad in one of our ten trainee countries to gain new perspectives and meet new people. The program will start the 3rd of September 2018. Link to video

A meningful development

To make an impact, your learning is essential. That’s why you’ll be supported both by a dedicated personal mentor and by our human resource department. Your learning plan will be designed to meet your specific ambitions and needs.

In-between the modules you and your trainee colleagues will get together for common training where you will learn more about personal leadership and develop your management and specialist skills. Apart from individual assignments you and the other trainees will also get common assignments to practice team and problem-solving skills. Link to video

Application process

  1. Applications were open from 1st of February 2018, and the deadline for applications was 11th of March 2018.
  2. Local interview process in the country you applied for
  3. Meeting with selection committee. A screening process consisting of interviews, personal assessment and problem solving test. It will be held at head office in Stockholm, Sweden.
  4. References and background check
  5. Decision will be communicated
  6. The program will start the 3rd of September 2018


Analyst Trainee - Profile description

Management/Leadership trainee - Profile description