Next Generation Program

Are you one of those individuals that want to make a difference for other people, for companies and for society at large? Start your career at Intrum.

Intrum is the undisputed market leader within our industry and with that comes a great responsibility to drive the industry forward. To be able to do so, we need to have the top talents. Since 2017, Intrum has been seeking future leaders and analysts to continue developing our industry and our business through the Next Generation Program. 

Maria Klockar Johansson works as Organization and People Development Director at Intrum and is the program owner. Listen to her reflections about the program and why it is important for Intrum:

The program

Our graduate program provides a challenging and rewarding experience where you get to spend 12 months in an evolving international business. An experience where your efforts really matter for our clients, end-customers, for Intrum, for society and most importantly – for yourself.

The program will start the 1st of September 2021 and will run for one full year. The trainee will be in a full time position during this year. In 2021, we welcome external applicants from Finland, Hungary and Spain to apply for the Next Generation Program.

I cannot imagine a better way to start the career. You will develop on a personal and professional level. In addition, you will learn to understand the international perspective of Intrum, which helps you at country level as well
Iiro Alikärri, Next Generation Graduate in Finland 2019/2020

The modules

The program is designed in three modules where you’ll work in different departments, diverse teams, build your network and develop your skills and knowledge. Exploring and contribution are key. You’ll have the opportunity to gain experiences and insights both from our daily business and from specific projects.

During the second module you will spend two months abroad in one of our local organisations to gain new perspectives and meet new people.

A meaningful development

To make an impact, your learning is essential. That’s why you’ll be supported both by a dedicated personal mentor and by your manager. Your learning plan will be designed to meet your specific ambitions and needs.

In-between the modules you and your Next Generation colleagues will get together for common training where you will learn more about personal leadership and develop your leadership and specialist skills. Apart from individual assignments you and the other graduates will also get common assignments to practice team and problem-solving skills during the common trainings.

One of the best things of the Next Generation Program is that I get to meet people from different countries and cultures with diverse professional backgrounds
Albin Andersson, Next Generation Graduate in Sweden 2019/2020

How to apply

Our recruitment process includes different steps, and we invest a lot of time along the way to get to know your potential, but also give you the chance to get to know us. 

Applicants from Finland, Hungary and Spain in 2021

We have a rotating schedule across our 24 European markets. In 2021, we welcome external applicants from Finland, Hungary and Spain to submit their applications for the Next Generation Program.

The deadline for submitting your application for roles in Hungary and Spain is the 19th of February. The deadline for submitting applications for roles in Finland is 28th of February.

A decision will be made no later than 14th of May. You can apply to our graduate program by clicking the link below to our international recruitment portal and filter by Finland, Hungary or Spain. 

The application process

Application open


Selection committee

Reference check




We are looking for passionate and innovative graduates with maximum one year of experience to help us lead the way to a sound economy. 

You will need to have leadership skills and be able to take direction as well. We will offer you great level of responsibility from the very start, challenges and opportunities including an individual career plan.

Analyst Graduate - Profile description

Management/Leadership Graduate - Profile description

Meet our graduates

Meet Maria Wathne, Graduate 2018/2019

"The most rewarding part for me during the year has been getting to know all my fellow trainees and growing as a group, as well as getting the very broad perspective of Intrum" says Maria Wathne, Management graduate in the Next Generation Program in Norway.

Meet Márk Nyerges, Graduate 2018/2019

"I work with very talented and open minded people. Intrum is a rapidly growing company where I can challenge myself" says Márk Nyerges, Management graduate in the Next Generation Program in Hungary.