Sustainability is core of our company

Sustainability is core of our company

We promote sustainability for people, companies and entire societies

Sustainability is core of our company

We promote sustainability for people, companies and society as a whole Intrum’s sustainability efforts are rooted in our purpose: to lead the way to a sound economy. In a sound economy, companies are prospering and growing, while individuals in society have sufficient knowledge to be able to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable private finances. This in turn benefits society as a whole.

As the leading player in credit management, that is late payment and collection, we bear a great responsibility to conduct our operations sustainably and ethically and to work pro-actively on issues of finance and debt. On a daily basis, we are in touch with hundreds of  thousands of people with varying degrees of debt and different financial circumstances. It is our duty to treat all ethically and with empathy and respect. Through our work for ethical and responsible credit management, we want to take part in setting the standard for our industry. We work continuously to improve a little every day.

A sound economy

By helping individuals get out of debt, providing advice and support on financial issues, while ensuring that companies are paid, we promote a sound economy for society at large. Our task is to help companies be paid so they can grow and prosper. We do this by caring for their customers. At the same time, through our operations, we provide opportunities for all employees to help benefit society and thereby make a difference through their daily work.

Three areas of sustainability that drive our work

For us, it is important to be responsive to and include those who are affected by our business, to better understand their opinions and their expectations on our work. Building on findings from dialogues that we have had with a range of our key stakeholders, we have identified three general areas that drive our sustainability work forward. We shall: enable sustainable payments, be a trusted and respected actor, grow by making a difference.

These areas are closely related to our identity and are integrated into the day-to-day operations. The purpose with Intrum’s three focus areas is to drive and strengthen our sustainability work, and this forms the foundation in our work to create value. Our three focus areas incorporates the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, which Intrum has been a signatory of since 2016. Through this commitment, we have undertaken to adhere to the ten principles of Global Compact and to contribute to sustainable development from an economic, social and environmental perspective. Each focus area is also linked to selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and targets within the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 that we can make an important contribution to.

Enabling sustainable payments

By ensuring sustainable payment flows between companies and individuals, we fill an  important function in society and enable a sound economy. In a sound economy, companies flourish and grow, while consumers have sufficient knowledge to make well-founded decisions and achieve sustainable private finances. This, in turn, benefits society as a whole.

As a market leader, setting the standard for our industry and leading the way in sustainable future business practices is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Accordingly, we cooperate only with companies and suppliers who share our values regarding good business ethics.

We have extensive experience of helping people become debt free, and we see it as our responsibility to act considerately and respectfully towards people in each individual financial situation. We are happy to share our expertise and work pro-actively and continuously to spread knowledge about private finances and counteract over-indebtedness.

Being trusted and respected

Our vision is to be trusted and respected by everyone who provides and receives credit. Every day, our clients entrust us with their most important asset – their customers. Accordingly, a basic prerequisite for us to succeed in our efforts is that we have the complete trust of our clients and their customers.

To approach our vision, we must set a good example. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, this means we are guided by our values, that we live and breathe them. We strive to meet the highest standards in everything we do.

Growing by making a difference

With a presence in 20 European markets and 10,000 employees, we are market leaders in terms of revenues, geographical spread and number of employees alike. We want to offer a meaningful and stimulating workplace and strive to be the most attractive employer in our sector. Our position allows us to drive the development of the entire industry in a more ethical direction, thereby creating value and meaning for our employees.

We see diversity as an important asset for our capacity to be responsive and to understand the individual situation of each person and help people to get out of debt. For us, it is important to ensure that all employees are treated respectfully and are afforded equal opportunities for development.

In our day-to-day work, we listen actively and do our utmost to understand people, treating them with dignity and respect. This applies to us both internally and in our contacts with customers, clients and other stakeholders.

Download the Annual Sustainability Report 2023

The Sustainability report is included in the Annual Report 2023. 


Vanessa Söderberg, Sustainability Director