Cross border collaboration – unlocking the benefits

As a business with a presence in 24 European markets, Intrum has long been adept at providing local expertise to clients. Now, as transformation project ONE Intrum gathers pace, the company is honing its cross border approach.

The move to creating one way of working in all Intrum countries is changing the way the business collaborates, ensuring best practice is delivered; cutting-edge technology is exploited; and efficiencies are created. That’s all while retaining the local experience that is critical to so many clients.

Greater collaboration across international borders helps us to fine tune our internal processes and also develop the services we offer. Together with our work on a new global technological platform, this creates the conditions for our clients to deal with ONE Intrum instead of many, which is particularly appealing to the growing proportion of players with international operations.
Siv Hjellegjerde Martinsen, Managing Director Market Scandinavia at Intrum

Technological revolution: one system

Moving to one platform will mean reducing 40 different operating models down to one single, honed model that every country will operate. This has many benefits, with investment, innovation and development concentrated in one system.

One model will make it so much easier for clients from an onboarding perspective. People can be reluctant to change collections partners because the process takes time – the benefit of using one system is that once you’ve done it once, you can easily add other markets.
Manuel Poot, Intrum’s Global Multinational Sales Manager

This move comes at a time when businesses need support with collections technology. Intrum’s 2022 European Payment Report found that many companies are struggling with digital efficiency. Close to half of businesses (46 per cent) said their finance and administration systems are seriously outdated.

Yet, for three quarters (76 per cent) of businesses, improving debt management is a strategic priority. More than seven in ten are determined to tackle arrears at an earlier stage, while a quarter (26 per cent) are turning to partners to supply the expertise they need.

EPR 2022
Intrum's European Payment Report 2022

Country collaboration boosting service

While work continues on streamlining technology, human collaboration between Intrum countries is already yielding results.

Multi-market clients no longer have to deal with multiple points of contact, IT developments, reporting strands and invoices.
Manuel Poot

“We have unified a lot of the things we do cross border to ensure we are able to give out clients the ONE Intrum experience. Multi-market organisations now have one point of contact who will liaise with all relevant countries, making sure the information flows to them in one format, with one set of reports and one set of invoices.”

Under this method of working, country representatives come together on a client by client basis each month to share up to the minute experience, innovation and techniques.

“People working closely together on an operational level cross border adds real value,” he says. “Clients don’t have to be big to reap the benefits – these practices are enhancing service across the board.”

It’s that sharing of best practice, the development of market-leading systems and a wealth of data that come together to unlock the full potential of Intrum as a global organisation.

The transformation programme is so important because it allows us to innovate.
Manuel Poot