Harnessing the power of data

The potential for data to transform Intrum’s operations is immense. The move from a multi-local approach to operating as a truly global organisation under ONE Intrum means one global data platform, with a unique collection of data and the scale needed for significant innovation.

As automation, prediction, big data and analytics stretch the boundaries of what can be achieved with data, Intrum is building a community of data scientists from diverse backgrounds who can enable the business to harness the power of this information and insight.

A growing Data and Analytics team is tasked with working with Intrum countries to deepen awareness of how data can be used, helping them solve the day to day challenges they face.

We have a unique data set that can allow us to boost our performance, respond to market and client evolution and enable new ways of doing business.
David Bustamante Torres, Data Community Director for Intrum Global Technologies.

Unique and compelling data sets

Intrum has data for more than 100 million customers – information that is valuable in many dimensions, from risk, monitoring and marketing to designing the best customer journey and anticipating consumer needs.

Using data and analytics effectively means Intrum can improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, collecting more for less while still providing an individual service with digital and in-person options for customers.

This approach enables the business to compete for more contracts, using omni-channel and digital contact options to enhance services. This is particularly helpful for both emerging client segments such as SMB and e-commerce and the traditional client base, much of which is facing greater volumes in the current economic environment.

Building a data community

Under the ONE Intrum project, the Data and Analytics team is building a centre of excellence in Malaga, Spain, with members also working in Madrid and Riga and some scattered further afield.

Dubbed Europe’s ‘Silicon Valley’, Malaga is home to a rich variety of tech businesses, such as Google and Vodafone. This community is key to the recruitment and retention of the best minds in data and analytics, says Bustamante Torres, as it provides a rich environment for innovation and collaboration. 

We have a mix of junior and very senior, highly skilled people working in the team. They are brilliant minds and we want to ensure they are engaged and have a sense of belonging. We want to develop this eclectic community so that we can achieve the goal of becoming a data-driven, data-centric organisation.
David Bustamante Torres

Career opportunities and development

Since January, the team has grown to 80 people – with the aim of changing the previous multi-local approach to a global centre of excellence within Intrum, innovating and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

The centre of excellence offers career opportunities, training, mentoring and events such as hackathons to stimulate and satisfy the team’s appetite for improvement and innovation.

The Data Community aims to develop a data and analytics culture at different levels, from the business community to clients and external partners, in a bid to deepen penetration in Intrum. It will be using a variety of channels – including a knowledge bank, podcasts, events and newsletters to enhance engagement.

A Transformation team has been formed to work closely with the different countries to find out what they need.

I am very excited about the increased client value and potential that data, analytics and automation technology can further unlock when implemented across global processes and systems. We can see significant benefits from advanced analysis and an automation roadmap, which are already visible beyond the scope and timeframe of the ONE Intrum transformation.
Intrum's President & CEO, Anders Engdahl

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