Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting 2023 in Intrum AB (publ) is held on 27 April

The Annual General Meeting is held in Swedish. All documentation provided by the company is available in Swedish and English.


AGM 2023

The Annual General Meeting 2023 in Intrum AB (publ) will be held on 27 April, 2023 at 14.00 CET. A shareholder who wishes to have a matter considered at the AGM shall send a request to the Board of Directors at no later than 9 March 2023. 


AGM 2022

The Annual General Meeting 2022 in Intrum AB (publ) will be held on 29 April, 2022 at 14.30 CET, at Filmstaden Sickla, Marcusplatsen 19, Nacka. Registration for the meeting starts at 13.30.


AGM 2021

The Annual General Meeting 2021 in Intrum AB (publ) will be held on 29 April 2021.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AGM will be conducted pursuant to so called mail-in procedures, meaning that no shareholders will be able to attend the AGM in person or through proxy. Instead, shareholders can participate in the AGM by voting and submitting questions in advance pursuant to the instructions described in the notice to the meeting.

Advance voting will be available from 7 April 2021 until 28 April 2021. Link to website voting. For voting via regular mail, see notice.



AGM 2020

Intrum’s Annual General Meeting 2020 was held 6 May 2020 at the company’s head office; Hesselmans Torg 14 in Nacka. The Annual General Meeting re-elected all board members and resolved, inter alia, to distribute 11,00 SEK per share as dividend and to implement a long-term incentive program.