European Consumer Payment Report 2018

The European Consumer Payment report provides insights to European consumers’ views on their economic outlook, and is thus a barometer on the economic whereabouts of Europe from the consumer’s perspective.

The European Consumer Payment Report is based on a survey that was conducted simultaneously in 24 European countries during September 2018, and we had 24 398 respondents. The aim of this report is to gain insight in European consumers’ everyday life; their spending and ability to manage their household finances on a monthly basis. The survey is complemented with insights on consumers acquired by Intrum over our 100-year presence in the credit management industry.

This year's report show that a growing number of consumers struggle with debt, despite a rising economy: 

  • Savings have gone up – but so has indebtedness. A growing number of people are struggling: every fifth European needs to borrow in order to pay bills. This group has increased from 15% three years ago to 20% this year.  
  • Parents struggle the most. More than one in four (27%) of consumers with children under 18 have recently needed to borrow to pay bills.
  • 28% of all parents in Europe have recently borrowed money in order to buy something for their children – an increase from 25% last year.