Intrum improves its ESG rating

Intrum’s ESG rating has improved from medium to low risk, making Intrum the number one performer in its sub-industry, as rated by Sustainalytics.

Sustainalytics’ (a Morningstar company) ESG risk rating on Intrum has improved from 24.5 (medium risk) in 2019 to 12.8 (low risk) in 2021. The new score places Intrum as the number one performer among 135 peers in the sub-industry consumer finance under diversified financials, and as 415 among all 13,081 rated companies.*  
“The ESG rating score is important to us and reflects that we operate under high ethical standards. The improvement is a result of Intrum’s strong performance in a number of measured areas such as Data Privacy and Security, Human Capital, Product Governance and Business Ethics. We are very proud that we are being recognized for the focused work, which is a great team effort across our company. Intrum’s purpose is to lead the way to a sound economy, and we will continue to further develop our ESG agenda during the years to come as it is closely linked to our purpose,” says Anders Engdahl, President and CEO of Intrum.  

For further information, please contact:
Anna Fall, Chief Brand & Communications Officer 
+46 (0) 709 96 98 21 

Emil Folkesson, Director Treasury & Investor Relations
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*As per 30 March 2021.