Ethical debt collection during time of crisis

As the world around us change day by day due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we at Intrum strive to find solutions during these times of uncertainty.

Intrum is present in 24 European markets and we monitor the local situations closely to ensure we continue to support our clients and their customers.

In times of uncertainty we are guided by our corporate values to lead the way to a sound economy. Our values are Ethics, Empathy, Dedication and Solutions. Especially Ethics and Empathy guide us now more than ever.

Difficult times ahead for private households

Many customers are now experiencing a sudden decrease in wages or being laid off as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. This creates a great uncertainty about the economy in households and companies across Europe.

We understand this.

We know that the situation among many customers have changed. The debt is still there, but payment propensity may have gone down due to illness, caring for a loved one, or loss of job/income.

For us, it is most important that each customer is treated with a high degree of empathy during these difficult times.

This is why we have introduced temporary guidelines across all our markets on how we can help customers in difficult financial situations, if it is by delaying or re-planning repayments of debt or by freezing the debt. Of course, we also follow local authorities’ instructions and guidelines, which vary from market to market.

Contact us to find a solution

We all have a responsibility to contribute to the community during this challenging times. At Intrum, we will also do our utmost to find good solutions that are adapted to the individual's situation. We therefore encourage everyone who experience payment problems to contact our local offices so we can find solutions that work for all involved.