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“Diversity is what makes us reach the goals”

Pia Bach Jensen works as Global Front Office Director at Intrum. She has shared some reflections about why diversity is important in a workplace.

Why is diversity important in professional life?

Diversity is what makes us reach the goals. We have to find the best balance between profiles, skill and competences regardless of gender. Diversification helps us to see different angles, achieve goals and increase motivation.

Do you think women lead differently than men? If yes, how?

Though I believe that the leadership gap is decreasing, I still notice a difference. On a general note, female leaders might have a wider focus on the personal aspect of an employee’s wellbeing than perhaps some male leaders. I think it is important to care for employees and address items also including the personal life.  

How would you describe your way of leading?

A previous manager and mentor once told me that “to be able to treat people the same, you have to treat them differently”, I´ve tried to incorporate this into my leadership style. I strive to be honest and personal, but at the same time delegate and give responsibilities to my employees. I believe that this will bring just as much motivation and engagement as I personally feel when I´m being trusted with responsibilities.

Accept the challenges you’re offered. Don´t be afraid of change and the feeling that you are losing the ground below your feet - you might end up flying.
Pia Bach Jensen, Global Front Office Director at Intrum

What is your most important tip for young women starting their careers?

Believe in yourself. Women are in general less confident than men, but look yourself in the mirror and trust your own competence and experiences. You don’t need to tick off all the boxes and aim for perfection, sometimes it’s just good enough. Also, accept the challenges you’re offered. Don´t be afraid of change and the feeling that you are losing the ground below your feet - you might end up flying.

Do you see any specific challenges for women in leadership positions?

If a woman has the right competence and experience for the role, then I believe that the largest challenge lies within herself. Both in terms of self-confidence and perhaps guilt. In my first years in management positions I felt the guilt when I wasn´t at home for a sick child or a school event, despite the fact that my husband was and still is extremely supportive.

What gives you most pride in your work at Intrum?

We at Intrum have just embarked on an exciting journey, allowing us to step by step build and utilize our synergies, best practices and competences in becoming ONE Intrum across all markets. I’m proud to take part of this, to continue motivating our employees and to make a difference.