Brave new world…

Intrum’s commitment to omnichannel communications has taken Spanish real estate provider Solvia into a new world…

Solvia, the Spanish real estate service provider majority-owned by Intrum, has taken on a new kind of real estate, opening a store in virtual world Decentraland.

One of the leading real estate companies in Spain, Solvia provides solutions to individuals, companies and investors in all market segments. With more than 150,000 real estate assets under management and a proven capacity for innovation, Solvia offers integrated management of all types of property: residential, tertiary, singular and land, with an omnichannel approach, an extensive sales coverage and a unique franchise network – Solvia Stores.

The business was acquired by Intrum in 2019 from Banco Sabadell, one of the largest banks in Spain, which retains a 20 per cent holding in Solvia.

Welcome to the Solvia virtual store

Now, customers can visit a three-storey Solvia store in the metaverse Decentraland to browse real estate for sale, have meetings and walk through a scale model of the Madrid district Nuevo Norte.

Gamification has been used to make communications in the world engaging and fun, making the business more attractive to a younger audience and tech-savvy investors.

José Luis Bellosta, President of Solvia, says investing in innovative communications is producing good results. “We want to be wherever our clients are, helping them throughout the process of managing, buying, or renting real estate,” he says.

The metaverse is a virtual ecosystem in which users can interact with each other, work, play or make economic transactions. It has an increasing number of users, and as a leading company in the real estate sector, we want to explore all the opportunities it offers us.
José Luis Bellosta, President of Solvia

Visitors to the three-storey virtual building can view different developments and assets for sale, browsing sales information and campaigns that redirect them to the relevant part of Solvia’s website for more information on a particular asset.

Walking over the scale model of Nuevo Norte allows customers to see a 3-D model of plots of land for sale and enlarge the model to view Solvia land in greater detail. This district has an area of over 22,000sq m, with 4,500sq m of buildable space. Other functionalities allow visitors to visualise the green areas of the complex and other highlights – enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Engaging and informative digital communications

Elsewhere in the Solvia store, customers can see NFTs (nonfungible tokens – unique tokens issued on blockchain and often used to represent and certify ownership of physical items in the real world). NFTs are set to become increasingly important in the real estate market in the future and they could be linked to the various properties and services offered at Solvia.

NFTs guarantee the identity of the transaction owner and can be linked to the different products or services we offer from Solvia; for example, the reservation of a property in the digital environment.
says Bellosta

On other floors in the digital building are buttons that play videos of Solvia real estate developments, as well as branding and corporate videos, plus space for virtual meetings and events.