"It is great to be part of a big company that gives you opportunities to grow and move to new roles"

Janne Solberg is Global Sales Excellence Manager at Intrum. Here she tells us about moving from local to global, bringing people and technology together.

How long have you worked at Intrum?

I’ve worked in the company for many years. While studying international marketing and management, I worked part-time at Lindorff, one of the companies that later merged to create Intrum. There was a marketing job opening in one of the Lindorff companies, so this was how my Intrum journey started. During my years in the company I have had the pleasure to work within sales, marketing and business development. My last role, before I took on the global role, was leading the marketing department for four years.

Tell us about your role at Intrum

For the past two years I have been working as Global Sales Excellence Manager. As part of the transformation journey to One Intrum, I am working with the sales teams in all Intrum countries to develop a unified way of working in Salesforce, our key sales tool. I’m leading a cross-border team that supports and develops Salesforce. Implementing this technology fully means the sales teams can reach their potential. I am also responsible for our client satisfaction survey, which is a very important management tool for the whole organisation. This ensures we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to delivery and how we treat our clients’ customers. The client satisfaction score is also an important KPI in our sustainability target.

What do you enjoy about your role?

This role requires a combination of people, business and technical knowledge. I didn’t previously consider myself a technical person, so it has been a chance for me to develop that side. These days many tech roles are code free and skills are needed to configure the technology to increase productivity, improve results and drive projects forward.

This project means the sales teams across borders are working as one. At the start, many considered Salesforce a reporting tool when in fact it helps them hunt deals and work with clients. It has been my job to help the sales teams see and exploit the potential, by changing, building and launching new features. I love working with people in a global environment, being able to drive, help and support them to succeed. Salesforce is gigantic, there are always things we can tweak to make improvements.

My advice for young people at the start of their career is to dare to believe – you don’t have to know everything, you can learn things when you have great colleagues around
Janne Solberg, Global Sales Excellence Manager

What motivates/ drives you?

In the past I really wanted to be a manager and learn how to lead a team – something I was able to do in the marketing department. When my current role in Global Sales Excellence was created, a new opportunity opened up. I was curious – Salesforce is an exciting tool to master and I am gaining international experience, working with colleagues across the 25 Intrum countries, and developing my management experience at the same time.

How does Intrum support people in their careers?

The business is changing every day and it is great to be part of a big company that gives you opportunities to grow and move to new roles. There are many opportunities working here. I’ve been able to move from different departments, from marketing to a commercial role to product owner for Salesforce. Also, having good managers who trust and believe in you makes all the difference.

What advice would you give to others who would like a similar career?

Trust in the people that you work with, share experience and knowledge. It’s about listening and sharing ideas. Dare to believe – you don’t have to know everything, you can learn things when you have great colleagues around you. Don’t be afraid to fail: sometimes you win and sometimes it’s a learning experience.

What are you looking forward to in future?

I never thought I would stay this long in the credit management industry or in Intrum, but when you get new train tickets to new exciting destinations, it's hard to jump off.

I really enjoy working within Sales and with Salesforce, to drive change, develop and execute. Intrum is a very dynamic organization, so you never really know where the next train ticket can take you.